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About the Ministry

Reformation Platform is an international, non-denominational, non-governmental Christian ministry charged with the responsibility of edifying the church and evangelizing the world.

Walk With Jesus Daily

365 days daily gleanings from the life of Jesus, to edify, encourage and elevate your spiritual life.

The Vision

Raising disciples for Jesus with the sole aim of preparing millions of Christians worldwide to be fit for the Kingdom of God to come, and qualify as faithful witnesses, and ambassadors of that same Kingdom, while presently here on earth.

Daily Fellowships

Following in the footsteps of the first believers who met daily, continuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers (Acts 2:42-46), be a part of the fellowship of believers who replicate the same example today, to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to grow a spiritual walk that is daily personal, intimate and experiential.

Tracts Publication

Spiritually rejuvenating tracts in eight different categories, published monthly and distributed free, to help sustain your Christian growth in every sphere of your life. Namely: Leadership Digest, No More Two, Disciples, Daughters of Zion, Balm of Gilead, Youths Aglow, Men of Valor.

RPDI Training Institutes

A training institute that covers nearly all walks of the Christian life, to nurture Christians in whatever stage to build and sustain an effective walk with the Lord and offer acceptable Christian service.



For leaders hungry for His heart
This section, for ministers, comprise materials and modules that caters for  the spiritual development of church leaders in every cadre.
Are you a minister or church leader (in any sphere)? Jump on this section to find materials to assist you to build successful life and ministry. 


Youths Aglow

Love community for youths & teenagers
Youths Aglow is a young adult ministry is a group for people in the 18-25 age group.
Young people find a love community to build a wholesome character, grow in the image of Jesus Christ, and become all He has made them to be. Are you young and desperate for answers and change? Find the answers you need and all the materials you require to help you build a strong, ever-increasing, and formidably successful future, walking in the very plans of God for your life.


Singles & Married

Resources for building Christian relationships & homes
This section exists to help singles and married build godly relationships that is according to the biblical pattern.
In this section, the singles’ fellowship (known amongst us as Ladies & Lords Fellowhip) merges with Married Fellowship, supplying the resources this group need to build Christian relationships and homes fostering the interest of God’s Kingdom, ministering to the body of Christ, and becoming blessing to the nation.



Resources and materials for following in the footsteps of Jesus


This section is for new converts and veteran believers.

Build an intimate, personal, and experiential relationship with the Lord Jesus, following His examples for effective Christian living.


Free audio and video sermons

RPDI Discipleship Training

by Reformation Platform | RPDI Discipleship Training 2018

RPDI Discipleship Training

by Reformation Platform | RPDI Discipleship Training 2018

The Process of Salvation
Benefits of Redemption

Bible Study Companions

Free resources to aid your bible study




The Man That Fits God’s Work (Part 2)

The Man That Fits God’s Work (Part 2)

Dear man of God, I would want you to remember the sacred words recorded in 2 Tim. 2:3, where the Word of God commanded us to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. The man whom the Lord will use, the man who will last in the anointing, the man who will be known in heaven and be a terror to hell must be ready to endure hardship, trials, tribulations, persecution and whatever else the malice of hell throws at us…

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The Man That Fits God’s Work (3) “…CONTINUALLY PRUNED!”

The Man That Fits God’s Work (3) “…CONTINUALLY PRUNED!”

Pruning is the process where a farmer cuts off branches of a tree that are unproductive or are hindrance to the regular growth of other branches or are growing wild and unregulated; in order to make the tree bear better fruit and grow higher and to also give the tree a more handsome and regular appearance. A man whom God will use must understand first of all that despite all his gifts and graces, despite all the anointing upon his life, he is but a part of a large body with many other parts.

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Lovest Thou Me?

Lovest Thou Me?

If you do not love Me supremely above every other thing, I cannot entrust the leadership of My people into thy hand – for you will treat them just the same way you treat Me. Do you truly love me?”  

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